Frequently Asked Questions

When am I ready for my template?

Templates are a final measurement taken before the fabrication of your countertops. All cabinets, fillers, end pieces, and knee walls need to be in place and fastened to their final location. If any cabinet modifications are made after the template, we can not guarantee the final installed product will be a good fit. For remodels, we require a decision maker to be on-site during the template so that we may discuss all the details of your countertops. We recommend scheduling your template on a date when all cabinets will be complete, and you will be available on-site for the consultation. A technical drawing and slab rendering will be sent for final approval before fabrication.

When should I select my stone?

When planning your remodel, choosing your countertops is an integral part of the design process. As with anything from nature, certain variations are expected. Granite, quartzite, and marble are all natural stones, and can sometimes vary greatly in appearance between bundles. Viewing slabs at distributors can be done at any time, however, we highly recommend waiting until 30 days prior to your expected cabinet completion date before tagging exact slabs. If selected in advance of 30 days, there is a higher probability of breakage due to storage. Also, if we need an additional slab for your project, for any reason, the current lot of the stone could be a different tone, or pattern, or no longer available. This also applies to man-made products, as different lots can have clashing background tones and variations.

What should my overhang be?

The overhangs can be an important detail to the final look and functionality of your counters. On raised bars and islands, there is generally an 8”-14” overhang added to allow knee space. Depending on your design and stone, a bracket(s) may be required. Certain areas might have a minimal overhang depending on the location in the home, such as near a walkway or door frame. For all other countertops in your home, our standard overhang will be 1 ½” past the cabinet face for standard overlay cabinets. This will help keep water and debris off of your cabinets. Some areas might be greater than or less than the 1 ½” benchmark due to cabinets and/or walls being out of level. If you would like a different overhang in any area, we will be happy to make adjustments during the template. Please consider the thickness of your cabinet drawers and the size of cabinet pulls when determining a non-standard overhang.